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San Diego is an excellent and beautiful place to visit when in califrornia.It has a lot of features,places and beaches.If you are looking for the best place to visit, here the top ten places in san diego to visit.

Top Ten Places in San Diego

Top ten places in san diego Let’s have a good time

1. The Beaches

San Diego is popularly known for its perfect and beautiful beaches. These beaches are functional all year round. Its good weather attracts a lot of guests, implying that there is not time of the year, guest or tourist will be lucking. If you are planning to travel with the kids, there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed at the beaches. When you are looking for a perfect spot to relax and watch the sunset cliffs, try Coronado beach, it is among the best beaches in San Diego that has full family fun and excitement.

2. The Seaport Village

One of the beautiful and top ten places in san diego is Seaport Village. The place has amazing weather and environment, you will enjoy walking and viewing the incredible features that seaport has to offer. If you want to shop, taste the local food or watch local shows, seaport village has numerous shopping centers, restaurants, and many live shows. Though most restaurants are expensive, you will certainly find a good and cheap place to eat.

3. Old Town

If you want to learn the history and origin of California, the old town is the top ten places in san diego to visit. This Town is reported to receive numerous guests yearly. This has many restaurants being built in Old town. These restaurants provide tasty and cultural foods for instance margaritas and home-crafted tortillas. Apart from the food and many shopping centers, the place also has many entertainment facilities, for instance, night shows and other lovely exhibitions.

4. The San Diego Zoo

If you like watching wild animals, The San Diego Zoo is a place not to be missed. The zoo has over 400 species and 4000 animals to watch. The availability of chine pandas, makes the place unique and highly visited. Get ready to get
some activity as you walk a few miles all through the picturesque park situated in the excellent Balboa Park.

5. The sea World

Kids love Sea World, this place displays a lot of shows, exhibitions and numerous outdoor activities that are memorable and fun. Sea World is just a minute walkway from the Ocean Beach, the Mission Beach, the Pacific Beach, and Downtown. If you want to watch the famous black and white killer whale known as Shamu then Sea world is the place to visit. The whale is put in a multimillion-gallon tank.

6. Birch Aquarium

It is Situated in La Jolla. Birch Aquarium provides a decent indoor getaway activity during the summer. The aquarium is full of intriguing shows and home to numerous ocean animals that sneak in the extraordinary, secretive sea just next door.

7. Legoland

This amusement park is actually what you would envision: a land constructed from Legos. An incredible day out for the children, this park provides a stunning collection of Lego blocks everywhere, it gives a lot of attractions, recreations, and amusement that will make your day incredible during the summer.

8. Cabrillo National Monument

This is anothe top ten places in san diego, it was named after Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. He was the first European to set foot in the state of California. Apart from incredible magnificent views, there’s a noteworthy beacon, a center for guests, some decent tide pools down underneath and in case you come back during the winter, you will have the chance to watch the whale.

9. Balboa Park

Since its inception in the year 1868, This park has dazzling Spanish Colonial buildings. If you like marine creatures, Balboa Park is home to goldfish and koi and If you like games and sports, you will get an amazing tennis court in this park and many other fun games.

10. Coronado Island

This is the best island you will not miss to visit. It has the best and tasty foods. You will get a lot of restaurants where you will have the chance to taste the Italian foods as you enjoy and relax along the sand beach.


Above are the best and top ten places to visit in san diego.And if you are looking for the best place to spend and relax, contact us so that we can guide and assit you
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